Located in an old gift shop, Sundance Studio Salon is a comfortable, quiet, cozy salon in Dexter, MI. It is a family owned salon with a small clientele. To their very loyal customers, the stylists offer high quality work at very fair prices to a variety of hair, nail, and spa services.


Sundance Studio Salon is a newer salon and it has very poor branding. They are not widely known and they have little to no marketing. The logo is poor and the website is very basic, and outdated with a ton of inconsistency


To get the salon more well known it needs to be rebranded and advertised more. Creating a new eye-catching identity that can be applied on products, business system, website, etc. will get the salon more service and brand recognition.


“The western culture brings peace, beauty, serenity, comfort—all things that we want our clients to feel while they are here getting beautified”


Women who live in small towns between ages 18-55 who enjoy getting their hair, nails, etc. done but are on a budget and do not want to spend a fortune on these services. Women who want a friendly stylist they feel comfortable around, can trust and rely on so that they can relax while at the salon.


Women and her children from the Dexter Area. Women that have a busy schedule and need a salon that can service all of her children. Women who needs a salon with flexible scheduling and offer a relaxing experience.