Journal of Critical Incidents (JCI) is an online journal that focuses on brief incidents that tell about a real situation in a real organization. Each critical incident tells a story about an event, an experience, a blunder, or a success. The incident provides only limited historical detail or how the situation developed. Rather, it focuses on a real time snapshot that stimulates student use of their knowledge to arrive at a course of action or analysis.


The appearance of the website is making users question if it is a legitimate and trustworthy site. The process of submitting an article is not currently done through the site and there is no effective method of keeping track of submissions to make sure they all get done.


To provide a professional yet welcoming, website that offers clarity and efficiency. To create a one-stop website that notifies and reminders users of deadlines.



Men and women who are organized and have exceptional time management and leadership skills. Looking for a quick, smooth interface that allows for an efficient experience. Wants notifications to help remind them of tasks.


Men and women who are passionate about writing and business. Looking for an efficient interface that allows them to complete all of their tasks while logged in as a single user. Motivated by tasks and to-do lists.


Men and women who are eager to learn and use the site to access articles. Looking for an interface that will allow them to download articles and read on the go. Motivated by convenience.



Creating a sitemap helps plan out the site architecture and determine which users can see what content and how. Based on the sitemap, wireframes were created in order to correctly define and structure the content in the best way for the users.


The pattern library was created to build consistency throughout the website. The library also helps the creation of the website be more efficient.