Fresh Choice Market is an upscale self-served restaurant owned and influenced by Gunnar Peterson and Jamie Oliver. Fresh Choice Market is made up of individual stations that provide healthy options to make the needs of busy professionals. Fresh Choice Markey is locatedi in urban areas at both stand alone and mall locations.


Health concious professionals who are crunched for time do not have many options for getting healthy food, quickly or in a relaxing environment.


To provide fast food service in a healthy manner that engages the consumer in a relaxing environment.


“Good food is a global thing and I find that there is always something new and amazing to learn”


Professional men and women between ages 25-45 who are crunched for time. Located in the city, they want fast but high-quality, healthy food that is conveniently located near them. The professionals are looking for a place to relax in the midst of their busy schedules.


Families who are health concious and on a budget. The families want a place that offers a variety of options for their wide range of tastes. Looking for a place that supports local farms and offers a welcoming environment to enjoy a family meal.


The floorplan is a detailed visual that maps out the stations, seating arrangements, and various other aspects of the restaurant. The interior of the restaurant offers a relaxing and comforting experience while meeeting the variety of needs of the customers