Ferris State University’s Graphic Design program holds an annual portfolio event for its senior students. This event is an occasion for hundreds of design professionals to review student work and provide quality feedback. Students benefit in discussing their work and having open conversations about their work.


Originally, the portfolio review was intended to be an event for students to receive professional critique, allowing them to improve their portfolios before setting out into the industry to find a job. Instead, the review has become a place for industry professionals competitively searching for new talent to hire.


Introduce a second event. The first event is a professional critique with an exclusive guest list of seasoned industry professionals. The second event is a more open event open to professionals, alumni, family, and prospective students as a celebration of the students’ work and visibility for Ferris’ Graphic Design program.


“My goal would be to help students with feedback on work, & create connections with other designers.”



Looking to give students advice, guidance, and feedback. Motivated by knowing that their feedback will benefit them in the future.



Looking to give students advice, guidance, and feedback. They hope to find talented, creative students with high quality, well thought out work that aligns design with business. Motivated by finding designers to hire.


Looking to meet student designers, create connections with design professionals, and give back to the program. Motivated to learn more about the new trends, talent, and growth of the design students and the graphic design program at Ferris State University.


Looking to learn more about graphic design, the benefits, outcomes, and experience of the Graphic Design Program at Ferris State. Motivated to learn more about the classes, competitiveness of the program, and see what their potential future may look like.


Looking to see what the student designers have been working on during their time in the Graphic Design Program. Motivated by the students completion of the program and their successes.



These icons make up the “packing list” of the Graphic Design Program at Ferris State University. These are used at both events but are the focus for the Portfolio Review event in Big Rapids to differentiate the two events while also connecting to it by being hand drawn. These icons reflect our concept in a different way then the map does


This hand drawn map is of Grand Rapids and will be used on most of the touchpoints for The Critique. This map is used to differentiate the two events, but is hand drawn so that it ties together with the other event in Big Rapids. This map reflects our concept.